Which contact lens store has the lowest prices?

I always do research on contact lens prices before I place an order on the Internet. Even if you have a store you like to use, you need to constantly check prices to make sure your favorite store is continuing to give you the best deal. Price competition on the Internet can be intense, and vendors chance their prices all the time. In addition, the coupons you can use at various contact lens shops vary from month to month, making one vendor the best choice a certain month, only to change the next time you buy lenses.

online contact lens storeIt’s not easy to compare lens prices across stores, because there are three things that can change the price quite drastically. The first are online coupons. Depending on the store, you can end up saving 15% or more on your order due to online coupons. This is the case for my favorite store, Lens.com, where I routinely find coupons that save me $20 or more. The catch with most such coupons is that you need to place a minimum order if you want to qualify for a coupon.

Secondly, the price you pay can differ according to how many boxes of lenses you buy. In almost all cases, it is in your best interest to order 4 or more boxes, as this is when discounts really start to kick in. If you want to use an Lens.com coupon, you’ll usually find that your order needs to exceed a couple hundred dollars. To get your order this high, you typically need to buy 4-5 boxes, although this depends on how expensive your contact lenses are.

Finally, whether or not you receive free shipping can influence the final price you pay quite a bit. To qualify for free shipping, your order usually has to be over a certain dollar amount. At Lens.com, the order must be $129 or more. At other stores, the threshold is usually around $100. Shipping can otherwise cost around $9 or more, so getting your order to a point where you get free shipping is important. To view some free shipping deals for contact lens stores, make sure you go to contact lens websites and get lens.com promo codes and coupons.

You can also lower the price you pay for lenses by buying cheaper lenses. However, I do not recommend this approach. I have found that the best quality contact lenses charge more, but that extra charge is well-justified. Where your eye health is concerned, you don’t want to take the risk by using cheap brands. That’s why I only buy name-brand contact lenses such as Acuvue Oasys. This is true also for contact lens solution. Low-priced solution may sound like a good idea, but I have tried them and they irritated my eyes.

Therefore, to save money on contact lenses, you should find low-priced stores that offer discounts like the Lens.com coupons I typically use.  Look for free shipping deals as well. But never settle for poor quality lenses. Instead, get the best brand you can afford, then try to save money by looking for deals online.


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