Why I like Canvas People and Printplace

Gallery wrapped canvas printIf you are interested in a new and innovative way to decorate your home, you should definitely give some though to getting a canvas prints. I like them a lot because they are gorgeous to look at and have a lot of impact. You can make canvas prints out of just about any picture so long as it has sufficient resolution. For this reason, it’s a good idea to take photos for canvas prints using a high quality digital camera with good pixel resolution.

Once you have the picture you want to use, you can go to Canvas People, which is my favorite store for ordering canvas prints. This store will allow you to upload your photo and order a canvas print in various sizes. There are also other options you can choose, such as gallery wrap, which will give a nice effect to the edges of your canvas print. If you do end up using Canvas People, make sure you get yourself a Canvas People coupon as that will allow you to save a bit of money on your order. In addition to searching for coupons on the internet, I also like to check the twitter feeds for printing websites since I find some good deals listed sometimes.

Some great photos to use for canvas prints include family photos, artwork, and scenery. Canvas People has stock images you can use, but I believe the best canvas prints are personalized ones; I therefore recommend you use your own, unique photo for your canvas prints.

If you want to do other kinds of printing other than Canvas Printing, such as printing for brochures, business cards, or other business materials, consider getting your ink from Printplace. I have used them a number of times for professional printing I needed done for my small business. Overall, their prices are competitive, but you should always check to see if you can get any Printplace coupons and other similar discounts on printing. I use coupons all the time and typically save hundreds of dollars on my orders.

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